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Our Biggest Sale Ever!

The most items ever on sale with the biggest reductions! We’ve got to make room and you’ll get the best deal ever. 

Starting July 1, all 50% yellow tags are an additional 50%.  The sale will end when Philip pulls the plug (probably when he feels faint!)

Come and get your Christmas shopping done early. 

See our Facebook page or Instagram account for a video of items.

We’ve reduced:

  • Cabinets
  • Majolica
  • Carved items
  • Blue and White Transferware
  • English smalls
  • Chairs
  • Trays
  • Stools
  • Pewter​

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Flea Market Discovery.

What Goes Around, Comes Around.

Philip with his latest treasure.

Philip with his latest treasure.

On Sunday, we stopped in at a Springfield flea market that we had not visited before. We don’t typically shop flea markets, especially in our own area. Flea markets are not good resources for someone bargain hunting for antiques, but we were driving by and had the impulse to pull into the parking lot.
Whatever expectations we had were quickly crushed when we saw that customers were trolling the aisles with grocery carts. Big Sigh…We quickly made it down a few aisles, nothing antique, nor interesting, but as we turned to exit, something caught Philip’s eye.
In an almost empty booth, with just a few bits and pieces, was a framed print. The print was not anything special, but the frame was something of value. Close inspection of the back of the piece confirmed Philip’s suspicions. It was framed by his dad back in the early 1960s. The frame was an American hard-carved frame from New York. It would be crazy expensive to produce a similar one today. He got the bargain for $15! He’ll clean it up and put it in the store at a great price for one lucky customer.
Needless to say, Philip was whistling for the rest of the day.

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Springfield Symphony Guild Antique Show

October 12 & 13, 2012

Supporting the Efforts of the Springfield Symphony

We are honored to be featured on the 2012 Show Poster for the Springfield Symphony Guild Antique Show this coming October. The organizers had a photo of our booth from a previous show and asked to use it for their poster. Unfortunately, we were overcommitted that weekend and won’t be exhibiting at this show.

However, the show promises to be a fun time, especially since appraisers will be available on Saturday from 10-3. We know a lot of people who will want to bring in their special items to get an appraisal.

So mark your calendars now! And support the Springfield Missouri Symphony Guild.

When you’re out and about visiting the show, stop by the store and see our latest “new” antiques.


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Final Hot Week for Summer Sale

Sale Table ends on Saturday, July 21!

Set of Four Chairs included in Summer Sale.

We’ll be switching things around to get ready for the Flow Blue International Collectors’ Club Convention! The members of the FBICC will be in Springfield July 26-29, 2012 for their 26th anniversary.

We’re open Monday-Friday 10:30-5:30 and Saturday 10:30-4:30. Don’t miss this sale!


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Delicious Coffee by the Box Car.

Par and Bliss Coffee, what’s in a name?


I love stories from our family history. They connect me to my history and family I never knew. As I find inventory for the store, I sometimes happen upon a piece that wakes a memory. And that’s what happened recently. I came across a couple of Bliss and Par coffee tins.

Here’s a story of a little coffee tin…

My great-grandfather was in the wholesale grocery trade in the early 1900’s. He began his grocery career as a district salesman for the J.M. Anderson Groc. Co. Wholesale Grocers in St. Louis. Then in 1906, he opened his own business. He eventually had three warehouses: one in Aurora, one in Springfield and one in Bolivar. He supplied little neighborhood grocery stores with inventory. Back then, there weren’t mega-stores but instead, small stores on the corner where you could pick up some staples, or bread, or eggs. J.L. Robertson located his warehouses near the railroad tracks, so he could purchase box car loads direct from the various food manufacturers. Then the small grocers would order their inventory and supplies and he would have them delivered to the small stores. One of the companies he regularly stocked was General Foods. When the box cars from General Foods would arrive, he could split the box car order three ways and restock his warehouses.

You may think coffee is a hit now with a Starbucks on every corner, but coffee was a big seller back then as well. General Foods national brands included Maxwell House, Regular and Drip; and Sanka, the decaf! In addition to the national labels, General Foods would authorize regional grocery warehouses to be the selected dealer for a special premium house brand, only available in a geographic area. Robertson Grocer Company was allotted the Par private label house brand and the Aurora Grocer Company had the Bliss private label house brand. Both the national brands and the special premium house brands would ship together in the box car. Both were packaged in enameled tin boxes or glass jars. Both were the same thing!!

According to great-grandfather, the special label house brands were just a marketing ploy to tempt buyers to pay a premium for the “special” brands.  The house brands almost always sold at a premium price to the consumers. It was a way for the food company to offer a selection and to diversify their product line. However, the premium-ness of the house brand was just for show.

Bliss Coffee Tin from Aurora Grocer Company-front view

Bliss Coffee Tin from Aurora Grocer Company-back view

Par Coffee Tin from Robertson Grocer Company-front view

 What part of your family history inspires you collect?

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Meet Tabitha Pinkston Pig from Wales

Our new store mascot

Dave and a pig in a tent at Arthur Swallow Fair, Lincoln, UK

We got acquainted with Dave on our trip to the midlands of England this winter. Dave helped our group troll around the countryside and pack our items for the container. Dave and his mates also set up at the Arthur Swallow fair in Lincoln and he introduced us to the pig.

It was love at first sight. The pig had been picked in Wales just the week before. She was standing on a farm table, grand and regal. We didn’t even ask for the trade price. Within minutes, the packers had picked her up and made a special box just for her.

Ready to ride the seas to Texas.

Our friend, Steve, suggested her name, Tabitha. So Tabitha Pinkston (a family name) from Wales came to America.

Philip agreed to give her a special antique box of her own. He found an old set of wheels of baby carriage wheels and Tabitha was very pleased. On Wednesday, she got to ride in a minivan to her new home, Robertson Gallery & Antiques.

Riding in Style, with a window seat.


Philip introduces Tabitha to her new home.

Stop by and give her a little pat. She loves the attention.

Home Sweet Home in Springfield Missouri. A long way from the Mountains of Wales.

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2012 Antique Shows and Festivals in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas

Plan an outing and add to your collection!

Here are some dates of upcoming antiques shows in our area.

July 14 & 15, 2012 – The Antique Festival of the Ozarks at the Holiday Inn Convention Center, Springdale, Arkansas.

July 28, 2012 – The Fort Smith Vintage Flea Market, Fort Smith, Arkansas. 8am-4pm on Saturday.

September 15, 2012 – The Fort Smith Vintage Flea Market, Fort Smith, Arkansas. 8am-4pm on Saturday.

October 12 & 13, 2012 – The Springfield Symphony Guild Antique Show & Sale at Remington’s, 1655 West Republic Road, Springfield Mo. Show hours 10:00 – 5:00

October 27 & 28, 2012 & February 9 & 10, 2013 – The Antique Festival of the Ozarks at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, Springfield, Missouri.

November 10, 2012 – The Fort Smith Vintage Flea Market, Fort Smith, Arkansas. 8am-4pm on Saturday.

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From Illustrator to Ozark County Artist

James Burkhart, American, 1933-2011


“Ozark October Sunday” Limited Edition

James Burkhart is one of the Ozarks Regional Artists that we have featured at the gallery since the 1960s. Robertson Gallery held a special gallery show for him and was one of the four galleries in the Midwest that featured his artwork early in his career. Pop did some framing for him and James was friendly and quite the talker, as Philip remembers.

James Burkhart was born on October 15, 1933 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. After intensive art training in high school, and becoming the ship’s artist while in the Navy, the decision of becoming an artist was easy for him to make. Burkhart’s formal art education began with two years at the University of Omaha and was concluded at the Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA degree. After his 1963 graduation, he became a commercial artist in Kansas City and later in Springfield, where he worked for a commercial design company and later started his own commercial design firm. He spent ten years in advertising art.

In 1967, he and his wife moved to land on Bryant Creek, deep in the woods of Ozark County, Missouri. He switched his emphasis to fine arts and started his career as an independent artist, focusing on capturing the scenes and people of the Ozarks. His watercolors and canvases depicted the native elements that surrounded his home and studio. He created commissioned paintings and limited-edition prints and developed a reputation throughout the Midwest. He chose to use acrylic paint that was watered down to be a wash to paint Ozark scenes. And he created folios of graphite drawings. He did a black and white series of Springfield Victorian homes. He did a limited edition of the Four Mills of Ozark County. He did a series of Ozark scenes, such as the “Touching the Ozarks” collection, featuring the land, people and wildlife in the area. The artist’s works embellished hundreds of offices and homes through the country, including such collectors as the R.T. French Co., Harry S. Truman Library, and past Governor of Missouri Kit Bond.

James was a resident of Gainesville, Missouri at the time of his passing on October 25, 2011. We have a few of his pieces at the Gallery. Stop in, we’ll be happy to show them to you.

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It Takes a Family

Come See Our Latest Shipment from England on Saturday, March 31

It’s a process to import antiques and one day, we’ll tell you about that process. But, today, we wanted to share photos of this shipment, once we picked it up.

First, we meet at the storage units and pull out our boxes and furniture.


Everything is wrapped in cardboard and tape and more tape.


Then, the boxes and furniture are placed in our truck to be transported to Springfield, MO.


Back in the Ozarks, our family members jump in to help unwrap everything.


Every piece has a number and, as one person checks off the number, another is cleaning the item, and another is tagging the item.


Once every item has been accounted for and tagged, we get the cardboard ready to be recycled. "Antiques are Green!"


Who is this? What is she looking at? Stay Tuned!!



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Robertson Gallery & Antiques, Springfield Missouri

In this season, and all through the year, we wish you great joy and many blessings.

From our family to yours, THANK YOU and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

We truly appreciate your business and we will continue to strive to offer you superior customer service and an excellent variety of quality goods in the years ahead.


The store will close at noon on December 24 and reopen December 26 at 10:30 a.m.

Follow Us on Facebook.

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