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An Anglican Tradition

Eating a Medieval Cake on Mothering Sunday.

Fr. John Biggs-Chef Extraoridinary

Fr. John Biggs-Chef Extraoridinary

Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK. As Americans celebrate Mother’s Day in May, the English have been celebrating their mothers during Lent since medieval times. Set on the fourth Sunday during the Christian Lenten Season, domestic servants were given the day off to worship at their family church and spend the day with their mothers. It’s developed into a day of honoring mothers with gifts and food.

A simnel cake is traditionally served on Mothering Day. It is a light fruit cake. Different regions of the UK have different versions of the cake, though most are heavy on butter, eggs and dried fruit.

Simnel Cake

Simnel Cake

Since Downton Abbey is between seasons, we’re lucky that we could get our “English” fix at church today. Two sample simnel cakes were made for this fourth Sunday in Lent and served after the late service at Christ Episcopal Church.

To all the English mums – Hope you had a wonderful day.



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