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Christmas Gift of Oil Paints.

The Story of an Artist of Property: C. G. “Moose” Morehead, Jr. (1921-1979).

(We no longer buy Morehead prints or paintings.)

C. G. “Moose” Morehead, Jr. (1921-1979)

C. G. “Moose” Morehead, Jr. (1921-1979)

In 1963, a Christmas gift from his wife inspired C. G. Morehead to take up a new challenge. He was a real estate appraiser and, while on an assignment, he happened upon a farm in Hancock County, Kentucky. He was enjoying the beauty of the simple scene and decided he wanted to share it with others. He started his first oil painting, using the tools from the Christmas gift.


Painting "The President’s Office at the White House”

Painting “The President’s Office at the White House”

Morehead developed his talent and concentrated on building portraits. His technique captured the exact details, showing every crack and personality of interesting buildings. His background with 21 years in real estate gave him an advantage when painting architectural structures. The building itself was the art and he paid less attention to the surroundings. The buildings weren’t part of the landscape; they were part of history.

Morehead was a native of Daviess County. He graduated from Owensboro High School, class of 1939. He attended the University of Kentucky before spending three years in the Infantry during World War II. As a painter, he spent two to three months working on each painting, after an extensive sketch study of the subject. The Limited Edition Prints were produced by Creative Press in Evansville, Indiana and signed by the artist. Following the print production, the plates and positives were destroyed.

Besides his talent for art, Morehead began a public speaking career where he spoke of his adventures in art at conventions and civic clubs across the country. He shared his art philosophy through entertaining and humorous programs. Morehead died in 1979.

The first bank that Jesse James robbed.

The first bank that Jesse James robbed.


The American Prints

Plate #1-“Antique Shop”

Plate #2-“The Old Stone Inn & Talbott Tavern”

Plate #3-“Trinity Church”

Plate #4-“Ray Harm’s Home”

Plate #5-“Keeneland”

Plate #6-“Cathedral of the Assumption”

Plate #7-“The President’s Office at the White House” Produced in 1969. We have a copy for sale.

Plate #8-“Rainbow Garden”

Plate #9-“Old Southern Bank” Robbed by Jesse James’ Gang in 1868. Produced in 1970. We have two copies for sale.

Plate #10-“Market Street”

Plate #11-“Audubon House”

Plate #12-“Churchill Downs” Produced in 1971. We have a copy for sale.

Plate #13-“Old Barn” Produced in 1964. We have a copy for sale.

Plate #14-“Oakhurst”

Plate #15-“Old Mulkey Meeting House”

Plate #16-“Grand Ole Opry”

Plate #17-“Shaker House”

Plate #18-“LBJ School-House”

Plate #19-“No. 10 Downing Street”

Plate #20-“UK Administration Building”



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