Learn about Coaching Days

As early as 1792, the Ridgway brothers produced quality earthenwares in Shelton, Staffordshire, England. Ridgway factories produced almost every conceivable kind of pottery. One of the branches produced a line called Coaching Days and Coaching Ways.

Ridgway Pitchers

The Coaching Days and Coaching Ways series was created on an amber brown transferware pottery with black transfers. It was made in the 1890s to the 1920s. The series features illustrations chosen from ones by Hugh Thomson & Herbert Railton, that were contained in the book “Coaching Days and Coaching Ways” by W. Outram Tristram. The book was first published in 1888.

Each item showcases different scenes from routes along old English stagecoach roads. The coaches traveled between inns and villages and the scenes featured on the pottery highlight the travel and inns. Some of the buildings are still standing today.

Ridgway Plate Scene

Transferware is a transfer printing process whereas a metal plate is etched with a familiar scene and ink is applied and then a tissue print is produced. The print is then applied to the pottery on top of the brown glaze.

Private Ridgway Collection

The series was produced on mugs, tankards, plates, pitchers, serving pieces and various other everyday items used throughout the British Empire. Some of the items have silver luster applied to the handles and rims, which would have been applied during the firing process. Some of the plates and serving items have scalloped edges with a relief pattern. Almost all items have crazing (crackling) because of the type of glazed used on the pottery.

Ridgway Celery Dish

Each piece of pottery should be marked on the base with “Scenes from Coaching Days & Coaching Ways by Special Permission of Macmillan & Co. Ltd. Ridgway England”. Macmillan & Co. refers to a book publisher in London, England and New York, New York. They owned the copyrights to the book and the coaching illustrations.

Macmillan & Co

I started my collection of the pottery when I inherited a piece from my grandmother. I now have an extensive collection of the Coaching Days and Coaching Ways. My favorite piece is the spittoon.

Ridgway Spittoon

If you are looking for the value of your Ridgway piece, we’ve listed a selection of our inventory with RETAIL prices. Condition and scene will have a bearing on the value, as will the uniqueness of the piece. We do not appraise pieces, so we hope this will provide you with some guidance. Please note that RETAIL prices are helpful with insurance values, but one cannot expect to sell these items to a dealer or collector at the full value price.

Two examples of Pitchers. 2012 Value: Left-$47, Right-$58.

Two examples of Plates: 2012 Value: Left-28. Right $24.

Two examples of tall pitchers/tankards. 2012 value: Left-$65. Right $86.

Two examples of Serving Bowls. 2012 Value: Left-$66. Right-$40.

Three examples of different mug sizes. 2012 Value. Left-$20, Center-$24, Right-$35.


53 responses to “Learn about Coaching Days

  1. Barbara Deakin

    I just have one mug which was my Grandfather’s. My mother always told me it was something special.

  2. Donna

    I just found one of these charming mugs with “A Breakdown ~Taking on the Mails” scene…worn but still sweet….

  3. sean

    i just bought a changing horses/ a breakdown. taking on the mails mug in excellent condition. any idea which year it was produced?

  4. I have this beautiful mug, with silver handle, from my father, with scenes “Elope” and “Changing horses”. Thank you for the info.

  5. Micah Fortson

    I’ve got a pitcher, just like the right one of the two smaller ones above, with two scenes, “The Bell at Edmonton” and “Springing Them”. I’ve always wondered what is was all about and am so glad to have found this website. Anyone know how this kind of pitcher would have been used? For gravy, lemonade, syrup?

  6. Sue Barnett

    I have two mugs without handles which I have just come across in a box of old family memorabilia. It is amazing what you can learn on the net in an instant. Thank you too

  7. Jacqueline Grice

    I have the middle mug in the last picture. Seems to be in perfect condition. Was my grandmother’s I think. Good to find some history about it. Thank you

  8. Dorea Engstrom

    I have a small pitcher 4-1/2″. The trademark is the same except below Rigways it has words RoNo 615802 and the background of the scene is ecru. Is it one of these? Words on front of pitcher read “The George & Vulture at Tottenham

  9. Sandra Barker

    I have four pieces of the Coaching days and Coaching ways pottery, a pitcher with lid, a teapot, a mug and a vase. All have the permission of Macmillan & Co on the base but the vase has an additional mark which I am curious about, it says TRUM and what looks like a reverse 4, any idea what this means?

    • I would need to see how the lettering is applied. Is it handwritten, stamped or stenciled? If it’s handwritten then it’s an in house production number by the company and means nothing to the rest of us.

  10. Sandra Barker

    The Lettering is written in capitals, raised in the pottery under the glaze, cream against the brown base.

  11. Kendal Jarvis Poet - image for my colledtion Rhymes for Our Times to be published by Amazon

    I am desperate to find a fruit bowl or place mat which depicts the Swan at Grasmere, with the horse drawn carriage arriving at the front entrance, and the portly publican has rushed out to meet the guests who have chosen the Swan to rest.

    I am about to publish my collection of poetry and one of them is on the Swan
    I need a 300 DPI image to send to Amazon.com.
    please will someone help.

    Kendal Jarvis kendal@hotwire.co.za,

    • The illustrations from Coaching Days and Coaching Ways do not cover the Lakes District where the Swan at Grasmere is located. The scene you are looking for is not included in the book and must have come from another book.

  12. Deb S

    I just found my dads ashtray with this insignia on it .I did not relize its age.
    Isnt the net the best way to research ?

  13. Beverly

    I have a plate that has this stamp on the back, on the front it says, “Paying Toll”
    The plate is not of brown color, it is green, has a lot of crazing, & has the silver luster around the rim. What can you tell me about this piece??

  14. Colin Nichols

    I have a Pint mug which has “Art & Literature” St Ives, Cornwall on its base. Is this from the same period as the ‘Coaching Days’ ????

  15. H meer

    I have a 12″hexagonal bowl with mail man and frosty morning in the ridgway style brown glaze , but no markings to base any ideas of age

  16. Daisy

    I have one with a number 8 next to the hall mark. small bowl with two handles. How old do you think it could be

  17. Steve Wagner

    I have a creamer with a horse and plow and a winter days amusment and a sugar bowl with trying fun and a winter days amusement. Any idea on the value?

  18. Jeff Pugh

    I recently found a small round ashtray with some type of trim. The scene is(walking up the hill). I found this page because of the name on back but cannot find anything about this particular item. Does anyone know anything about it?

  19. John Burrows

    Hi, I have inherited several of these pieces , a planter, 5 plates, 3 cups and 2 saucers which I have no space for. Do you know any collectors who would be interested? (Would have to ship from UK).

  20. Lori

    I am looking for information about Ridgways transferware of the same style as the Coaching Days series. The marking says “Published During the Great War 1914 Ridgways”. Six cups and saucers and one small pitcher all with images of Generals and Admirals. Kitchener, Jellicoe, Roberts, French and King George V (one I can’t identify). I am attempting to do a small research project on them and have had a hard time finding any information. They are a part of a museum colection and the interpreters have always wanted more information as well.

  21. Tamme Ongell

    Hi, I have just bought a small Ridgeway bowl, possibly a sugar bowl? It has handles on either side, is in great condition and has a marking in silver on the bottom that I cannot distinguish. This marking is to the left of the original Ridgeway marking on the bottom of the bowl, but it’s off to the left just slightly. Possibly numbers or initials? Not certain. I hope someone has some idea what this could be.

  22. jamie

    Hello, I just purchased a large bowl, at a second hand store for one dollar. I was very excited, it is great to hear all the assorted comments. I feel like I have found a treasure.

  23. Paula

    I have two plates in the same colour and style by Ridgway but they have scenes from Dickens ‘The Pickwick Papers’ reproducing the original drawings by Phiz. I have drawn a blank researching these, I would love to know how many more there were in the series and were they also made in this same time period

    • Yes, there is a large series of Dickens. They were created about the same time as the CDCW series. Illustrations were lifted from the books and transfers were used in the making of the pottery. Worth about the same.

  24. Sheila Wareing

    I have a Coaching Days and Coaching Ways teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl with the MacMillam marks etc. The silver on the handles and knobs are lustre but the tops have a silver overlay. I can’t see this trim on any of your photos. I will send a photo separately as I don’t seem to have an ‘attach’ function on this iPad.
    Sheila Wareing

  25. shelan

    Hello, i’ve just been given a cute little jug from my parents, and it has slight crackling under glaze but nothng bad. it has coach horses ploughing on one side and what looks to be a highway man accosting a loaded coach on the other side. the writing as mentioned is underneath with swirly leaves around it and stamped GG on bottom its a lovely little thing. what value would this be approximatley? xxxx

    • We recommend that you look for possible ideas of values on eBay.

      • Dianne Davies

        I have two plates which have the following printed on the bottom, but they are green in colour so not sure whether they are worth anything –

        Old England Ware
        Coaching Days
        Machillans & Co Ltd

        Does this mean anything to you?

  26. Diane Flynn

    I have found a plate with this stamp in my mother’s kitchen. However, it is blue, not brown. Did they make this in other colours? All the references I have seen speak of brown. Thank you

  27. Rod

    Was there such a thing as a punchbowl in this collection please? 35cm diameter and 19cm high.

  28. Joanne

    Hi i have middle cup scene is changing horses to fresh team can you give me any info on it

  29. Heather Cooper

    I found a bowl at my local goodwill.. it says “a cast shoe” on the inside. Would that be the name of the scene?

  30. Sue R

    Just stumbled upon this site while putting away an oval bowl/tray (used for holding wrapped candies or pine cones for years. I can’t remember if it came from my grandmother or garage sale. I just always had it. The scene is “A Christmas Visitor” (which is why it comes out every year). On the base: Scenes from Coaching Days & Coaching Ways By Special Permission of Macmillan x C L (looks like a small “tl” following). Below states Ridgways England. Lower there is a 5 and just below that an 06. Over to the left is 8 on its side (like infinity). This blog makes me want to learn more and perhaps find some matching pieces. Are there other pieces to the “A Christmas Visitor”?

  31. c. morrison

    I am so glad I stumbled on your website. I was just given an Old England ware pitcher and wanted to know the history of it. It has all the markings on the bottom that have been mentioned in previous emails above. It says OLD ENGLAND WARE SCENES FROM COACHING DAYS BY SPECIAL PERMISSION OF MACMILLAN CO.RIDGWAYS ENGLAND R N 615802. On the pitcher are two scenes, both with colors mostly hues of greens and browns. One of the scenes is The Anchor at Tiphook, and the other says The Ola Tabard Inn.

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