Black and White Medieval Architecture


Ledbury Market House, 1617

One of our favorite architecture types is the wonkie Black and White buildings with the heavy oak timber frames and the daub and wattle white walls. These homes and businesses date from as early as the 1100s and are located anywhere hard woods grow. Germany has the most. While the aristocracy used stone and brick, the wealthy merchant class used oak and lime-washed plaster. There is a concentration of this half-timbering Tudor architecture in the area of England we visited in September.


Rose & Crown Pub, down an alley in Ludlow

In the midland countries, Ludlow and Ledbury are communities of well-preserved beauty filled with the black and white-washed buildings built in the 1400 through 1600s. We wandered around both, snapping photos and admiring their structures. We were lucky enough to visit several. Once inside, the ceilings seem low and the exposed beams, which are attached with pegs, not nails, still show the master craftsmen marks.


Butcher Row House Museum, Ledbury


Church House, Ledbury


Church Lane, Ledbury


Church Lane, Ledbury


Prince of Wales Free House, Church Lane, Ledbury


Ledbury’s Ice Cream


Newly built in 1656!


Broad Street, Ludlow

tudor201909007Ledbury (2)



Private home in Ledbury


Ye Old Bull Ring Tavern, Ludlow


Shops in Ludlow


Ludlow residence

This is the fourth blog on our September trip.

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