Antiquing on the Viking Sea


Outdoor Market in Gdansk, Poland during St. Dominic’s Festival

We took a Viking Ocean cruise to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary In July/August. Even though this was a vacation, we still planned to use our downtime to hunt for antiques for the store. We were gone for 16 days and managed to pop into a couple of different antique shops and attend one flea market.


Antique Store in Bergen, Norway.

We visited two stores in Bergen, Norway, on the second day of our Homelands Cruise, but we came up empty. That happens a lot when you rely on the Internet to help you find shops. Antique stores are not always open when you are in their area. We tried again Stavanger, Norway and then, in Aalborg Denmark. We peered in many store windows.

We were in Copenhagen on a Friday and we had signed up to do a shore excursion to Trivoli Gardens and Rosenberg Castle in the afternoon. Since our morning was free, we hopped aboard the ship’s free shuttle that took us to the drop-off site and walked several blocks to a flea market we had found on the internet.


Thorvaldsen Flea Market


Philip’s wheeling and dealing!


Another view of the Thorvaldsen Flea Market

The outdoor Thorvaldsen Flea Market is located in a plaza near the Danish Parliament, close to the Christiansborg Palace. They are open every Friday and Saturday, April through October. We arrived just as the dealers were setting up, around 9:30. There was around 20 stalls with a good mix of actual antiques and vintage items. The dealers seemed to be willing to take Euros, which worked out well for us. We found what we were looking for and loved the beautiful setting to shop in.


Copenhagen, Denmark

We visited another outdoor market in Gdansk Poland without any luck. And then, we simply didn’t have any time in Berlin. We visited one small shop in Tallinn Estonia. No time in St. Petersburg, Russia. We had planned to visit another outdoor flea market in Helsinki Finland, but the rain caught up with us on that day and since it was raining buckets, no flea market. On the last day, our plans to shop were blocked by a Gay Rights Parade in Stockholm Sweden. Oh well.


We loved what we did buy. Stop by the store and let Philip show off his new treasures.


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