Outside Flea Market near Fayetteville Arkansas


Looking north at part of the crowds waiting to get in the gate.

Last week, we decided to visit The Junk Ranch in Prairie Grove, Arkansas for the second time. The Junk Ranch is an outside flea market where old rusty vintage meets homemade signs and crafts. With a big dose of food vendors and garden items. Not exactly what we carry in the store, but it’s close enough to visit again and see what we could find.

On our first visit, in 2014, the flea market was just finding it’s legs. Now, they have the flea market game figured out. The place had three times the number of vendors and hundreds more visitors. They managed vehicle and pedestrians traffic well. We arrived about thirty minutes before the market opened on Friday, at 9:30 a.m., and the two entrance lines were already winding around the fences. It was a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for shopping in a field.


Before the crowds.

The Junk Ranch is located outside of Fayetteville, in the middle of a big field around a big red barn. Most of the vendors are set up in tents, so if the weather hadn’t cooperated, you could have still enjoyed the day. Although there was a large crowd waiting for the gates to open, the crowds dispersed quickly because of the size of the venue.


Typical items for sale.

So, what did we find? Not much that would fit into our store. English country house antiques can’t be found in a field in NW Arkansas. We did buy a few items. We saw a lot of country craft signs, old sinks, metal garden items, buckets, crafts, farm machines, old worn kitchen items, and lots of retro fans with frayed cords. We saw several buyers carrying small overnight suitcases and we wondered why. We made a couple of trips to the car, but our best buys were the extra large corn dogs!


Some of the treasures we brought home.


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