Sheffield’s Antique Quarter Trail

Philip at the entrance to Sheffield Emporium.

Philip at the entrance to Sheffield Emporium.

Part III of our spring shopping trip to England.

When we plan an antique shopping trip, we start with the Internet or recommendations by friends or shopkeepers. That’s how we found the Sheffield’s Antique Quarter. Someone on our fall 2015 trip recommended we check it out and then, we did our research online.

One web listing led to another and soon we discovered several centres and stores in Sheffield. We made our plans and headed off to spend the day at Sheffield’s Antique Quarter. We had been through Sheffield before, since it’s located on the main North/South motorway in England, but we had never shopped there. The Sheffield metro population is over 1 1/2 million. We usually avoid driving in mega-cities!

The Sheffield’s Antique Quarter is located in the south of the city and you definitely need a car to reach all the places. Since we’re shopping for specific items, we skipped the retro, salvage and industrial shops and focused our hunt on the centres. On the printed brochure, over 6 centres and over 20 independent shops are listed.

We visited the following five centres:

  • Langton’s Antiques & Collectables
  • Heeley Bank Antiques
  • Sheffield Antiques Centre
  • Sheffield Emporium
  • Chapel Antiques Centre
This cabinet, sitting outside our holiday rental, was purchased at Langton's.

This cabinet, sitting outside our holiday rental, was purchased at Langton’s.

The first two, Langton’s and Heeley Bank, are located close to each other and parking is available behind them. Langton is a medium-sized centre on two levels. Most items are in cases. Not much furniture, mostly vintage smalls. We bought a few pieces. The staff was friendly. The other centre, Heeley Bank, is located in an old Victorian bank. The building is interesting and there are two levels of antiques and vintage. Worth a visit but we didn’t buy there. The prices were too high for wholesale trade.

Treasures bought at Sheffield's Antique Centre.

Treasures bought at Sheffield’s Antique Centre.

Next, we drove to the Sheffield Antiques Centre because a.) they have a parking lot and b.) we could walk to the Emporium and Chapel. We did pretty well at all three. The Sheffield Antique Centre has a great, helpful staff and a good mix of furniture, smalls, and silver. It’s large and covers two levels. Not too many cases (which Philip dislikes!) We had the most luck in finding our type of antiques at the Sheffield Emporium at prices that work for wholesale. It’s a large quirky centre on two levels. The Chapel Antiques Centre featured painted furniture and items from France. We’re really excited about a cool piece we purchased from them.

Philip serving tea.

Philip serving tea.

Lastly, we had lunch in the Vintage Tearoom, located in the Sheffield Emporium. It was delicious! The girls are super-friendly and great cooks. We had the ploughman’s lunch and an afternoon high tea. Way too much food, but we enjoyed what we ate and what we took back to our house that evening. There are several cafes, tearooms and pubs in the area, but we would recommend the Vintage Tearoom.

Ploughman's Lunch.

Ploughman’s Lunch.

Lunch is served at The Vintage Pantry.

Lunch is served at The Vintage Pantry.

Thanks for joining on our adventures. Up next, in our blog series, we’re antiquing in Lovejoy country.

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