Lunch at Burghley House.

Impressive gate at entrance to the house.

Impressive gate at entrance to the house.

After we finished shopping at the Festival of Antiques in Peterborough, we headed to Stamford to check out an antique centre, where we bought a few pieces for the fall container. As we wrapped up our business, we decided to head a mile down the road to eat lunch at Burghley House. Because that’s just what you do.

Main Entrance of Burghley.

Main Entrance of Burghley.

Built by William Cecil, Lord High Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I, between 1555 and 1587, Burghley House is one of the best examples of Elizabethan architecture in all of England. It has been the Cecil family’s home for over sixteen generations. It is currently owned by Michael Exeter, 8th Marquess of Exeter, 17th Earl of Exeter and 18th Baron Burghley. And he lives in Oregon!

We did not tour the house, but enjoyed our lunch and walking around in the park which was laid out by Capability Brown.

Courtyard at Burghley House.

Courtyard at Burghley House.

You might have seen Burghley before on film. In fact, it served as Lady Catherine’s home, Rosings Park, in the 2005 film version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, starring Kiera Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet.

Philip can always find ice cream.

Philip can always find ice cream.

English Country Plate Rack.

English Country Plate Rack found in Stamford at the St. Martins Antique Centre. Less than a mile from Burghley House.


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