We’ve got a full house.

Our February England shopping trip inventory has arrived.

Philip's favorite new piece from the February trip.

Philip’s favorite new piece from the February trip.

The store is bursting at the seams with English carved furniture and enough fabulous smalls to fill up your “manor house”. From the early responses of our customers, it looks like we’ve succeeded in bringing more interesting items and nifty oddities to Springfield Missouri.

Carved Chairs

Carved Chairs

In February, we negotiated crackerjack prices and purchased many marvelous antiques in England. As always, we balance quality of the items with the dollar value, so that, everyone wins. You get a great treasure at a reasonable price and we get to go back on another shopping trip!

Blue Child's Chest

Blue Child’s Chest

Due to the amount of new inventory, we’ve temporary opened up a “sale room” where several items at being sold at our cost.

View of the store.

View of the store.

Drop in before all the bonny items are gone!


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2 responses to “We’ve got a full house.

  1. MacBooks Antiques

    I live away from the area but hope to get to Springfield this summer. (I live in Columbia) I would love yo see pics of your Black Forest items!

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