Outstanding Plum Bread.

A Lincolnshire Sampling from the Breadbasket of England.

Myers Bakery's Store Front in Horncastle.

Myers Bakery’s Store Front in Horncastle.

Did you know the British love their toast with their tea? Well, they do and so do we when we venture across the pond for our antique buying trips. One of our discoveries is the Myers Bakery in Horncastle. It’s a small sort of complex. There’s a tea room, a bakery and a small deli along the A153 in the center of the village of Horncastle. In fact, the tea room won the top spot in a 2013 contest as the best tea room in all of Lincolnshire. And we know why!

Myers Bakery Choices.

Myers Bakery Choices.

We had a late lunch in the tea room during our last trip to England. It’s a small but bustling shop that is popular with the locals. They are known for their bakery which produces, among other items, an amazing Plum Bread. It’s baked in a standard loaf size and is quite yummy. Small pieces of dried fruit (though not actual plums) are consistent throughout the entire loaf of bread. We shared several slices of the Plum Bread along with a plate of regional Lincolnshire cheeses. Delicious! And the desserts were yummy, too.

Myers Poster.

Myers Poster.

We purchased a sack of goodies to feast on later, after we crisscrossed the quaint Victorian market town, in search of antiques for the store. Horncastle, established in 1230, continues to be one of our favourite places in the midlands.

Horncastle Antique Shopping.

Horncastle Antique Shopping.

FYI: British Airways like the Myers Plum Bread so much, that they serve it to their first-class passengers.

River Bain near Market Square in Horncastle.

River Bain near Market Square in Horncastle.

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