Macabre Juice Machine.

The Gentlemen prefer Canard au Sang!


Antique Duck Press from England.

Antique Duck Press from England.

We’ve been enjoying watching the Food Network’s “Chopped” series. Four competitors race to prepare the most creative gourmet meal based on a basket full of weird food items. Could we suggest something different? How about a show based on weird cooking contraptions?

We would offer an English antique duck press from our store.

Back in France, in the 1800s, a kitchen tool was invented for pressing out the blood and bone marrow of a roasted duck carcass. The liquid was used as a base for a rich sauce topping the duck’s breast meat. The dish, Canard au Sang, was prepared table-side in the most elite restaurants.

This rich dish was perfect for those on the social register, who enjoyed not only the dish, but also the squishing of the duck at the table side. Sounds like good TV to us. Oh no, did the juice splash onto your tux? So sorry.

Of course, it could also be used to crush apples, but that wouldn’t be quite as exciting, would it?

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