Following the Clues.

This is a story of how an antique chest found its way into our home.

In May, Philip attended one of Bob Kollmeyer auctions in a nearby neighborhood. He had seen the auction listing in the Sunday paper and checked out the inventory online. So, off to the auction he went, and following a round of competitive bidding, he won a four-drawer chest.

Walnut Chest purchased at auction.

Walnut Chest purchased at auction.

The chest came home, rather the store, because of its size and the lack of room on the floor of the store. The chest was cleaned and we noticed some faint writing on the back of the piece. It read “R.A. Brown 1842 Roane County, Tennessee to Cass County, MO”. Enter Theresa, who quickly searched the internet and found an interesting story about a family who thought enough about this piece of furniture to load it on a wagon (and it’s not light!) and bring it from their home in Tennessee to Cass County.

Cass County is located SE of Kansas City. Further investigation on the internet found that the house that R. A.  Brown built is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Additional information led us to the exact location of the house and its many outbuildings. So, this past weekend, when we were in the Kansas City metro area helping our son move, we ended up in Harrisonville. Turning off Highway 291 onto a gavel country road, we crossed a creek and there, up on hill, was the red brick two-story L-shaped home with several red outbuildings.

R. A. Brown house near Harrisonville, Mo.

R. A. Brown house near Harrisonville, Mo.

So, we’ve come to the end of our story and it’s looks like Philip isn’t going to part with his latest find. Especially now that he has the plans of the house and the family tree of the previous owners!


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