Flea Market Discovery.

What Goes Around, Comes Around.

Philip with his latest treasure.

Philip with his latest treasure.

On Sunday, we stopped in at a Springfield flea market that we had not visited before. We don’t typically shop flea markets, especially in our own area. Flea markets are not good resources for someone bargain hunting for antiques, but we were driving by and had the impulse to pull into the parking lot.
Whatever expectations we had were quickly crushed when we saw that customers were trolling the aisles with grocery carts. Big Sigh…We quickly made it down a few aisles, nothing antique, nor interesting, but as we turned to exit, something caught Philip’s eye.
In an almost empty booth, with just a few bits and pieces, was a framed print. The print was not anything special, but the frame was something of value. Close inspection of the back of the piece confirmed Philip’s suspicions. It was framed by his dad back in the early 1960s. The frame was an American hard-carved frame from New York. It would be crazy expensive to produce a similar one today. He got the bargain for $15! He’ll clean it up and put it in the store at a great price for one lucky customer.
Needless to say, Philip was whistling for the rest of the day.

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