A Marble in a Bottle.

Codd’s Marble Stopper Bottle

A Sample of our Codd Bottles.

A Sample of our Codd Bottles.

On our last trip to England, our friend Stephanie, from Gatherings Georgetown in Georgetown TX (find her on Facebook), introduced us to an interesting item: the Codd Bottle.
Englishman Hiram Codd (1838-1887) was looking for an improvement over a corked bottle, since cork was expensive and not native to England. In 1872, he designed and patented a bottle design with a glass marble serving as a stopper. The bottle was filled upside down and a marble would sit against a rubber gasket in the mouth of bottle. The mineral soda water would fill the bottle and gas pressure would seal the marble at the top of the bottle’s neck. The “codd neck” of the bottles allowed the marbles to move out of the way of pouring the beverage. Then, shaking the bottle vigourously and turning it upside down, the marble would seal the bottle and retain some of the carbonation.
The glass bottle were recycled and reused by the bottling companies; however, children developed a fascination with the marbles. They would break open the bottles to collect the marbles. Many bottles were destroyed and a new process replaced the Codd Bottles.
Still collectable today, but for the bottle, not the marbles! Stop by and see the bottles we bought on our latest trip to England. They’re a beautiful soft aquamarine color. Every bottle collector needs a Codd in their collection.

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