Antique Property Engravings

A Link to the Past When They Put in a Parking Lot


Original Drawing from 1876 of Great Great Grandfather's Home near Springfield Missouri

Original Drawing from 1876 of Great Great Grandfather’s Home near Springfield Missouri

What to do if you have a large prosperous farm and an award-winning bull? Hire a traveling artist to create a drawing of your holdings. That’s what my great great-grandfather did in 1876. He had a large 450 acre residence and farm at Nichols Junction, northwest of Springfield Missouri. He hired a traveling artist to draw the family’s two-story mansion and the farm’s important bulls. These regional drawings were then featured in pictorial history almanacs. That way, a farmer could advertise his thoroughbred and graded stock.

I find these original drawings to be an interesting “snapshot” of a bygone period. A looking glass into the past, featuring the farm or family home down the lane. Important residences and livestock, horses and cattle, are often featured in the engravings. We have several of these historical architectural drawings for sale at the store.

And yes, they did tear down the home and sale the property. And yes, it’s now a parking lot.

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