Green Gift Giving Guide

Give Antiques this Holiday and Go Green!

Time for some major shopping! Are you scanning the ads looking for something different? Make Robertson Gallery & Antiques your store for one-of-a-kind gifts. And what can be more green than an antique? Your purchase will mean that no new resources are being used and items have a value that keep them from ending up in the landfill.

We’re proud to present you with this gift giving guide. We’ve chosen gifts based on current store inventory and matched them up with special interests. Here are fifteen recommendations for you.

For a Hostess or Wine Buff: Antique Corkscrew & a favorite bottle of wine.

For the Baker: Antique Chocolate Mold and baking chocolate.

For Adult Family Member over the age of 50: Antique Magnifying Glass.

For the Southern Lady: Set of Antique Silver Teaspoons.

For the Fashionista: Antique Medals or brooches to add embellishments.

For the Newlyweds: Vintage Pair of Salt and Pepper Shakers.

For the Tea Drinker or Health Foodie: Antique Tea Canister filled with green tea.

For the Man: Antique Box for his smallest collections or use it to hold tickets to a sporting event.

For the Dog Lover: Antique Dog sculpture and a donation to the local animal shelter.

For the Traditional Religious: Antique Statue of the Madonna and Christ Child.

For the Unlucky Friend: Antique White Elephant for luck.

For the Deer Hunter: Antique Carved Deer to commemorate the first buck or the one that got away.

For the Anglophile: Antique Royal Commemorative Coronation Mug and some Cadbury chocolate.

For the Law Student: Antique Walnut Gavel.

For the Gardener: Antique Flower Arranger Frog.

And don’t forget we’ve got Vintage prints, antique oil paintings and antique frames ready for purchase.

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