Antique Shopping in Seattle and Victoria, B.C.

Seattle Antiques Market

On a recent visit to the Pacific Northwest, we did what we always do and headed for the nearest antique store when we had a few extra hours. Here’s what we found:

  • Pacific Antiques, 829 Fort St., Victoria, B.C., a small high end store featuring glass cabinets full of carefully chosen items, including silver, ceramics and glass. Here, the owner maintains a serious inventory for the collector of fine quality smalls.
  • Vanity Fair Antique & Collectibles Mall, 1044 Fort St. Victoria, B.C. A small antique mall, with 40 dealers, where most smalls at located in locked glass cabinets. The staff was available and accommodating. The antique mall features true antiques, but one would have a hard time finding something larger than a milk carton.
  • Applewood Distinctive Antiques, 1028 Fort St. Victoria, B.C. An antique furniture store with a variety of polished pieces of 18th and 19th century furniture. Very few smalls, except for silver.
  • Seattle Antiques Market, 1400 Alaskan Way, Seattle. Sent here by our concierge, it’s located near the waterfront, under a highway overpass. Mostly mid-century furniture and vintage items, it’s a large store with a few good buys.
  • The Antique Touch, 1501 Pike Place Market #318, Seattle. For the amount of advertising, we expected a large store, but it’s tiny. Claustrophobic small and crammed to the ceiling with an assortment of vintage collectibles. Talk about a bull in a china shop! But we were surprised that people were actually buying in there. Not our kind of shop, but if you are looking for old salt and pepper shakers, you should stop here.
  • Antiques at Pike Place, 92 Stewart St., Seattle. Finally, we saved the best for last. Another small antique mall, just north of the original Starbucks. Easy to find and arranged by booths, with some locked cabinets in the front of the store. This is the place for decorators or the casual shopper.

Antiques at Pike Place

Our shopping time was limited, but we managed to send home a few items via UPS and our luggage.


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