Why Choose an Antique?

Our customers love antiques and it’s interesting to hear their reasons for making a purchase.

Cabinet from Derby England

With the abundance of merchandise available, why would someone buy antique? Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and others sell classic reproductions and their collections mimic finishes and master techniques. So why seek out an antique?

Let’s look at an antique cabinet that could serve as a television cabinet. In the photo above, there is a wonderful large cabinet from Derby England. Its top is flat, ideal for a large television. The doors open to reveal huge shelves for electronic components and movie collections. Its height is right for viewing your favorite shows. We think it’s a beautiful piece of furniture.

Experience tells our customers that:

The cabinet is genuine and the materials are organic. It’s made of English Oak.

The color is warm and the patina has developed gradually over time. Nothing has been forced.

The simple design reflects taste and personality.

The size is substantial and the piece is heavy to lift.

The piece has history and an essence. It was made in the 1800s.

It has value and won’t be discarded.

It’s environmentally friendly.

Aged pieces add intensity to a room’s décor.

What are your reasons for buying antiques?

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One response to “Why Choose an Antique?

  1. The cabinet is a wonderful example of traditional English furniture making. The classic and ornate design and quality workmanship is a truly amazing and to all this is proven by the fact that its still standing today after so many years.

    Thanks obviously goes to the owners who have clearly looked after it.

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