The Pendle Witch Trials.

In the Fog and the Darkness, we walk in the footsteps of evil to find treasures. (jk)

Carved Chest from Lancashire.

One of the villages in England that we visit is Sabden. The village is at the base of Pendle Hill in Lancanshire. The hill stands alone towering over the forests and dales. As romantic as it seems, Pendle Hill has a terrible history.

In August 1612, 400 years ago, Pendle Hill was the execution site of the Pendle Witch Trials. On August 20, 1612, ten people were executed on the moors above Lancaster, after being found guilty of witchcraft at Lancaster Castle.

Similar to the Salem Witch Trials, families turned on their neighbors, accusing each of witchcraft. Religious persecution and the fear of evil spirits combined to fuel the fury. Nine women and two men were charged. One was found not–guilty and the other ten were hung.

While we love a story, even a sad and mournful one, we prefer ANTIQUES! There is an antique centre in Sabden is located in an old mill. There are lots of smalls and furniture and a welcoming tearoom. Here is a chest/coffer that we brought home from the area. It has great carving on the front and the lid opens for storage.

So we’ll continue to shop in Sabden; we’ll just be out of there by dark!

Antique Shop in Sabden, UK.

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