Princely Chimney Pot.

Salvaged terra cotta pot from Northern England.

Antique English Chimney Pot.

We’re fascinated by architecture of England. From the walled gardens to the shape of the windows, every street offers a glimpse into the past. Across the country, we look for affordable, interesting architectural items to bring back home. We like digging through the remnants of the past and rescuing them. Pieces of period homes become our spared treasures.

Lined up like soldiers at salvage yards or fairs, chimney pots, once crowns on the tops of English buildings, wait to be picked. Around since the early 1800s, English chimney pots were added to the chimney to help eliminate smoke and draughts. The more money you had, the more expressive and glorious were your chimney pots.

On our last trip, we purchase a “prince” version. Note the straight crown. It’s a small size and would have lined up on the top of building along with several of its brothers. It’s a charming piece for either inside or outside a home. It would make an appealing focal point for a garden or an interesting umbrella stand. Or it could be filled with a plant or glazing ball.


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