A Vintage Tool for Easier Gardening.

Simple Planting Gizmo Called a Dibble.

Vintage Dibble, also called a dibbler or dibber.

As early as the Roman times, it has been documented that farmers were using wood implements to assist them with plantings. Sharp pointed wooden sticks were used to make holes in the ground for seeds or bulbs. A dibble (or dibbler or dibber) is the name of a farming tool used to break the ground for planting a seed.

From wooden sticks to manufactured items, dibbers haven’t changed much in shape or in use. They come in different several shapes, including, straight tools, tools with a T-handle, ones with a small trowel at the other end and the L-shaped dibber. The one we have at the store is an L-shaped dibber with a wooden handle and a metal tip. It’s not from the Roman times, just an interesting vintage piece.

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