Serene Summertime in a Picturesque Village.

Listed Artist: Ammi Merchant Farnham, 1845-1922.

Listed Artist-Farnham. Unframed. Stretched canvas.

We have a lovely unframed oil painting by Ammi Merchant Farnham. Ammi was born in Silver Creek, New York on January 13, 1845. According to several different sources, Ammi studied at the Munich Academy and the Royal Academy of Bavaria. Returning to the Buffalo NY area, he served as the curator of the Buffalo Academy of Fine Arts. He eventually settled in San Diego, California, where he was the first president of the San Diego Art Guild. He was a prolific professional artist who painted portraits and landscapes in oil and watercolors. He died in 1922.

The oil painting that we have was part of the estate of Mary B. Gale of Mt. Upton, NY. It is a soft river scene featuring an arch bridge leading to a small village. It has interesting architectural elements and it appears to be from his early works. It may have been inspired by his European studies. The painting is in good condition considering its age.

This piece is one example of the selection of antique oil paintings by listed artists at the store. A listed artist is someone who is listed in reference material, preferably a reference book or a known auction house.  We use our resources to determine the authenticity of the piece and the signature. With the many years of working with oil paintings, Philip is often able to determine the age by the materials used in the artwork. We look for examples of signatures.

Investing in art can be quite satisfying, especially if you collect works that you truly enjoy. Stop by the store and we’ll show you our selection of distinctive oil painting by listed artists.

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