Robertsons are Scottish.

So we went to see Brave, the new Pixar/Disney Movie

Black Forest Carved Bear. Tree stump is an inkwell.

Sure, it’s an animated family movie, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the film about Scottish customs and bravery. And most importantly, the movie featured a witch that carved bears! And a ruined castle! What??! Two of our favorite things in the whole world-carved wood and castles (not witches).

Of course there’s a tie-in with the store. J We went around the next day and snapped these two photos from our inventory.

We hope the next time you happen to think of carved wood or castles, you’ll stop by the store and take a look around. We’re definitely the place in Southwest Missouri for old world/European treasures.

And we recommend Brave as well. It’s a visual feast of Scotland’s nature and history. The film transports you into the deep highlands of Scotland, and it’s that where we want to be when it’s 105 outside.

Antique Castle Ruins Engraving

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