Add an Appealing Antique Tray to Your Room.

It’s a Simple and Refreshing Canvas.


English Wood Tray with Carved Dog, Burl Box and Coaching Days book.

We have some friends in Texas, the Strops, who have the most relaxing spare bedroom. One can look around the room and exhale. The room truly represents them. The colors are lovely and you relax the minute you walk into the room. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone decorated their rooms that way?

If you take clues from everything you love, decorating could be simpler. Start with a tray and highlight your life. Look at it like a blank canvas. Let it rest on a favorite seasonal cloth. Decide on a color theme and add a few treasures. Start with only three items: a favorite book or magazine, something with some height (maybe a plant or vase) and then add a collectible.

If you don’t have a tray, we invite you to stop in and see ours. We have wood trays from England, brass trays, pewter trays, papier mache trays, Anglo-Indian carved tray, etc.

Do you decorate with trays? If so, which is your favorite and why?

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