Meet Tabitha Pinkston Pig from Wales

Our new store mascot

Dave and a pig in a tent at Arthur Swallow Fair, Lincoln, UK

We got acquainted with Dave on our trip to the midlands of England this winter. Dave helped our group troll around the countryside and pack our items for the container. Dave and his mates also set up at the Arthur Swallow fair in Lincoln and he introduced us to the pig.

It was love at first sight. The pig had been picked in Wales just the week before. She was standing on a farm table, grand and regal. We didn’t even ask for the trade price. Within minutes, the packers had picked her up and made a special box just for her.

Ready to ride the seas to Texas.

Our friend, Steve, suggested her name, Tabitha. So Tabitha Pinkston (a family name) from Wales came to America.

Philip agreed to give her a special antique box of her own. He found an old set of wheels of baby carriage wheels and Tabitha was very pleased. On Wednesday, she got to ride in a minivan to her new home, Robertson Gallery & Antiques.

Riding in Style, with a window seat.


Philip introduces Tabitha to her new home.

Stop by and give her a little pat. She loves the attention.

Home Sweet Home in Springfield Missouri. A long way from the Mountains of Wales.

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