Review of West Bottoms, Kansas City Missouri

Family Comes First, Then Antiquing

Outside vendor area for Hickory Dickory.

Last weekend, we hung our “Sorry We Missed You” sign and headed to Kansas City to deliver some furniture to our son’s summer apartment. And, as the fates would have it, it was also the “First Friday Weekend” at the West Bottoms area of downtown Kansas City. It’s a once-a-month antique event near downtown.

This was our first visit to the West Bottoms area. We’d heard of the market and weren’t sure what to expect. What we found was an ample assortment of vintage shops and markets in an old warehouse district, full of large multi-storied buildings (creepy cool!). The area is still in development and evolving, according to some of the shop keepers. While we would not suggest the area to antique collectors, it’s certainly a sufficient treasure trove for those seeking vintage items, often displayed in creative settings. Prices were good for the retail market, but it wasn’t structured for an antique dealer to purchase inventory. We did not find the fine high-end antiques we love, but we had a great day of it.

Stuffology at West Bottoms

Starting at 9:30 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m., we shopped nine different shops and markets. They were spread over several blocks and walking and stair-climbing is required. There is plenty of parking and the shops have maps to help direct shoppers to all the different buildings. We worked hard to find a van-full of interesting items. We have a particular look for our store and we managed to find pieces that we’re proud to bring to our store. Our favorite shops were: Stuffology (Our choice for the Best Shop!), Hickory Dickory and the 3rd Floor of Bottoms Up. Need an embalming table, we know where to get one!

Around 3:00, we were ready for lunch and happened upon a drink cart and instructions on how to find food and a sit-down table. A gentleman graciously invited us to ride up in the warehouse freight elevator of the Bottoms Up Market to the small café, a very welcome relief. We managed to rest for some 15 minutes while we gobbled up our sandwich and chips and then, back to our exploring and shopping.

Riding in the Freight Elevator.

Stop in and see the new inventory. The store is open Monday – Saturday, except when we’re on the road again!

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