Shopkeeper’s Antique Tole Painted Tin Box

Metalware Cash Boxes

Tin Cash Box Selection Showcased in a Carved Bookcase

One of our favorite vintage items is a metalware cash box. We usually have good luck finding them at English antique fairs. The boxes were used as cash boxes or document boxes for shops. Finding one in perfect condition is hard, since they were used daily, and small scratches and dents are not uncommon. They look great on a desktop or bookcase because of their vintage patina.

These boxes are usually painted black with tole accents of gold, white or red. Some can be found with their original keys: they’re the ones we are always looking to find. They have metal or brass handles, either on top or on the sides. We’ve found them in many different sizes, from a small stamp box size to larger trunk sizes. Open them up and you’ll find a number of compartments ranging from one to several, some include removable trays.

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