Antique Welsh Dressers from Wales?

Occupying an important place in your home.

Welsh Dresser with Pot Rack

On our last trip to England, we purchased several “welsh dressers”. We don’t know if they actually came from Wales, but they are the type of cupboards that most people refer to as welsh dressers. We found prices for the welsh dressers better now than they have been in years, at least since we started looking for them in the mid-1980s.

Small Welsh Dresser with Pot Rack

In the states, dresser is a term we apply to a chest of drawers used in the bedroom to hold clothes. But in England, a dresser is a low cabinet with a plate rack above and attached to the cabinet used in the kitchen. The cabinet can have drawers with an open pot rack below, or be enclosed with drawers and cabinets. Dresser refers to the fact that the women used to dress the meat on the cupboard.

Welsh Dresser from an English farmhouse

Dressers served a variety of purposes. In small farm cottages, the dressers were small, but highly used. They were display pieces for the family’s best wares, with the top apron of the plate rack usually carved. The plate rack displayed the dishes and mugs. The pot rack at the bottom held the big kitchen pieces. Food was served from the dressers at meal time.

When looking for a dresser, it’s all about the wood and the patina. Know the size you need, but then get out and feel the wood. Watch out for dried out pieces, they just haven’t been cared for properly. A proper welsh dresser fill a favorite place in your home and in the home of your children’s children for years to come.

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