You Ought Not Be Without a Whatnot

Hanging Wall Shelves, referred to as Whatnots

Antique Carved Whatnot

If I say Whatnot, does the first thing that comes to mind a granny’s collection of dusty trinkets and porcelain figurines? To be honest, that sounds like the last thing that I would want in my house. However, if we set aside our preconceived notions of a whatnot shelf, perhaps we can discover new ways of using a whatnot.

Four Shelves, Antique Hanging Wall Shelf

Whatnots can refer to standing cabinets, corner shelves, and display cabinets. Today, we’ve focused on hanging shelves. Whatnot shelves come in all shapes and sizes and some can be very intricately carved in certain styles. For instance, at the store, we have Victorian pieces alongside of Arts and Crafts shelves. Some have open backs, plate ridges, and decorative fret work. As an antique piece of furniture, the shelves are priced reasonable and can serve a purpose in any modern home.

Antique Whatnot

Whatnot shelves, or hanging wall shelves, can be placed in any room. In fact, while most homes have limited floor space due to massive tellies, huge L-shaped sofas or king-sized beds, wall space is normally easy to find in all houses, except of course, those made out of glass!

Use a Whatnot to display your favorite crystal.


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