The Thrill of the Horse Race

And fashionable attired

Did you know there are 60 racecourses in England? They are divided into flat racing and those that involve jumping over obstacles, like hurdles or fences. Horse racing is big in the UK.

In the off-season, racecourses are used for various purposes. Of course, our favorite is the antique fair. We’ve been to two such fairs, at the Doncaster Racecourse (flat and jumping) and the Wetherby Racecourse (jumping). These are regular collector fairs held several times a year. The vendor booths are set up in the exhibition centres, the grandstand and, at Wetherby, there are a number of outside pitches. It takes a lot of work and energy to cover the grounds and the merchandise varies greatly, but they are great fun, especially with our friends.

With the upcoming 138th Kentucky Derby taking place on May 5 at Churchill Downs Race Course here in the US, we thought we share this photo of a vignette that we put together in honor of the race. Because everyone knows, fashion has its place in the racing world! The only thing missing is the rose wreath for the winner.

Trophies, brass straps, shooting stick, straw boater, antique folding chair, riding crops

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