A Different Idea for Your Garden Spaces

A Cast Iron English Rain Hopper

English Hopper

Here in the Ozarks, it’s the time of the year when we throw open the doors and escape to our back porch or yards. We rush to the home centers and garden stores to find the right plant specimens for our outdoor living spaces.

Over in England, we shop at salvage yards and often find interesting architectural elements. This year, one of the items we brought back was a cast iron rain hopper.

Rain hoppers, also known as leader heads, conductor heads, rain heads, or hopper heads, were used on historic English and other European buildings to collect rain from a gutter and send the water on down the downspout. Hoppers were made out of cast iron or lead. Even though they had a functional purpose, many styles were decorative and great examples of craftsmanship.

The hopper at the shop is very heavy and made from cast iron. It is painted black and has brackets on either side, so that it can be bolted to a wall. Consider placing it near a door, filled with ferns and annuals. It would make an ideal mounted garden planter. Get your creativity flowing; how would you use the hopper?

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