Time for some Craic!

Let’s meet the lads at the pub.

The Lonely Planet’s Ireland tour book lists visiting a pub as the top thing to do in Ireland. We agree! Fun is synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day and what’s more Irish than a bit of craic (fun) at the local pub.

Almost every town in Ireland and the UK has its gathering spot for locals. The pub sign hangs near the door, announcing its presence, and maybe an inkling into local history, depending on the symbols and name of the pub. Step in and grab a seat, then head to the bar, let the bartender know where you are sitting and place your order. You can almost be guaranteed a warm filling pub meal like Fish and Chips, Guinness Stew or Shepherd’s Pie and maybe a pint or two. A football (soccer) game is usually on the television. If you get really lucky, there might be some live music in the evenings.

Not all pubs are equal, but we agree with the Lonely Planet; some of our favorite memories of traveling in the U.K. are sharing conversations with the lads in the local hangout. It was in a pub in Kilcormac, Ireland, where we learned of a farm that still had walls of our ancestral home that we hadn’t previously known about. In another, our son entertained a large group of tourists with a song and a guitar quite near the Ha’Penny Bridge in Dublin. We’ve eaten alongside families and their dogs. We’ve shared a table when the room was full and ended up making new friends.

Andrew performing in a Dublin pub

One of our favorite pubs is the Ye Olde Mustard Pot in Midhopestones. If we could, we’d recreate the entire pub in our home. Since that’s not an option, we’ll settle for re-creating a cozy little corner in our family room one day.

Our Favorite Pub, so far!

At the store, we have two antique English pub tables with wooden tops and cast iron legs. One is round with an ornate cast iron figural base and the other is rectangle with cast iron scroll legs. They are very sturdy and could serve many purposes.

Round Pub Table

Rectangle Pub Table

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