Scenes from Coaching Days, Old England Ware by Ridgways

Inns and Taverns on 100 Year Old Pottery

Scenes from Coaching Days, Old England Ware, Ridgways

As we hunt for the brown Coaching Days and Coaching Ways from Ridgway, which we collect, we often happen upon Ridgway’s Old England Ware. This series, Scenes from Coaching Days, is a creamy white pottery with colored transferred scenes.

The scenes are taken from the Coaching Day and Coaching Ways book, and used by permission from the MacMillan Co. (the book’s publisher). The book was written and illustrated in 1888 and provides the reader with a look at stage coach routes in England. The Coaching Days and Coaching Ways brown pottery uses a wide variety of scenes from the book. However, the white Old England Ware items, that we have encountered, feature the architectural scenes from the book, i.e. Inns, buildings, taverns, etc.

The series is easy to date because the pottery is stamped with a number that can be deciphered by using the English Design Registry Numbers beginning in 1884. The items of the series that we have are decoded as having been made in 1913.

The Old England Ware pottery is affordable to today’s collectors. An added value to the collector is, after researching on the web, they can find the building featured on their hundred year old piece of pottery.

We currently have three of these items in the store.

The tankard is 4.75” high and features two scenes: 1. Fireplace in Abbots Hospital. 2. The Lower Ship Inn, Reading. $30.

The plate is 10” high and features a scene: St. Mary’s Butts, Reading. $22. Note: St. Mary’s Butts is a thoroughfare in the town of Reading in Berkshire, England.

The lidded sugar bowl has two scenes. 1. The Bell at Edmonton. 2. The Leather Bottle, Cobham. $39. Note: The Leather Bottle is still in existence and is southeast of London.

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  1. Kendal Jarvis Poet - image for my colledtion Rhymes for Our Times to be published by Amazon

    I am searching for an image of The Swan at Grasmere, coach arriving at the front door Please help.

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