A Roof for the Rain


A Portion of Blarney Castle, Ireland

Just the word captures so many images in a person’s imagination. We spent some time in Ireland a few years ago and got a feel for the country. Wonderful landscapes, magical myths, and potatoes galore. Not many antiques. We’ve come across few Irish antiques on our shopping trips and less even in the country itself. Always on the lookout, but seldom do we find anything Irish.

Side Ruins of Leap Castle, Ireland

Ruins in Ireland are plentiful. A drive in the countryside will illustrate this fact, time and time again. From the 1800s to the Great Famine, to the War of Independence and Civil War, the cottages and the country homes were put to the test and often left to ruin. At one point, buildings were taxed so heavily that many removed their roofs, so their building would be considered a ruin and they could avoid the tax. A house without a roof doesn’t stand much chance of surviving, let alone the scraps of furniture left inside.

In our store, we have a fine example of a mahogany two-door glass bookcase from Ireland, in excellent condition. Stop by and we’ll show it to you.

Bookcase from Ireland

Irish Blessing

May you always be blessed with walls for the wind.

A roof for the rain.

A warm cup of tea by the fire.

Laughter to cheer you.

Those you love near you.

And all that your heart might desire.

Celtic Cross at Glendalough, Ireland


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