Springfield Needs a Toastie Truck

There’s more to English food than Fish & Chips

Here in Springfield Missouri, a small restaurant has been receiving big reviews, all the way from the U.K.’s “The Telegraph” newspaper. Farmers Gastropub, in downtown Springfield, was named best restaurant of the newspaper’s “Best of British” expat-run competition. Their menu features English dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

However…..What we would like to see here in Springfield, is a “toastie” truck! When we’re shopping at the large antique fairs, like Arthur Swallow or IACF, we never stop for lunch. Instead, while we shop, we share an English toastie from an outside catering truck. Basically, it’s a buttered bread sandwich filled with cheese and meat then it’s toasted in a panni-type machine, which seals the sandwich and keeps the extremely hot ingredients from leaking out. We highly recommend the mozzarella and pepperoni toastie. YUMMO! Side note: The cheese and pickle (definitely not dill pickles) should be avoided.


Arthur Swallow show


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