Winter 2012 Antique Buying Trip to England

Rolling in the Deep “cold”

Village of Todmorden, W. Yorkshire

We’ve just finished our fourth trip to England and are now settling in to await the arrival of our container, probably towards the end of March. This trip took us up into the moors of Yorkshire, to a new fair, in addition to our regular stops in Lancashire. We were joined on this trip with several new shoppers and it was fun to experience the excitement and discovery of shopping through their eyes.

We left a mild winter at home to tramp around England in the rain, sleet and snow and it was so worth it! Thankfully, we had an experienced driver (Steve McDowell), as we traveled the snowy back roads looking for treasures. It’s always a gamble to see if vendors will show up with what you are looking for at the big fairs, especially in the winter. The continent was having a cold winter blast, so we hit the markets early and hard, since we weren’t sure that the international vendors would travel to the shows that we attend towards the end of our annual trip.

It was a relief to find that we worried unnecessarily! We found our favorites had made the journey and we found some new sources of our favorite gothic and Tudor revival antiques. It never ceases to amaze us the amount of quality antiques that can be found in England. You would have thought they would have run out of items years ago.

We prepared for the trip by compiling a “wish list” to help us focus our search. We should have prepared by walking 8 hours a day in freezing temperatures. While the list helped, the search is so rapid, that we rely more on our eye, than the list. And we weren’t disappointed. We bought more furniture than we expected, and can’t wait to unpack the lot.

Here are some vendor photos from this trip:

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  1. What a great trip you had. Loved the photos and can’t wait to see all the goodies in the gallery when we return.

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