Antiques are Art!

A visit from the Southwest Missouri Museum Associates Art Group.

Les Arts de Mardi, SMMA Group


This month, one of the thirty art study groups of the Southwest Missouri Museum Associates (SMMA) came to the store for a fieldtrip. The Tuesday Art Group met for lunch and then drove over to listen to Philip’s talk about antiques. Did you know that there have been art study groups supporting the Springfield Art Museum for 85 years? We very much enjoyed their visit.

Philip chronicled the life of the store with the ladies, starting with its establishment in 1953. Then, he revealed the background of his favorite antiques collections; stories that you may have seen written about in this blog. For us, because we see most antiques as art, it was easy to tie together our interests and theirs.

Most of what we carry in the store is over 100 years old, and designated as antique. These items represent the “finer” things, produced by craftsmen with creative skills. They reflect their world and communicate the past. It was a lot of fun to speak with the individuals who share our excitement about beautiful things.

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