Charm and Character for Nooks and Crannies

Antique Stools and Benches found at the Shop!

When we’re on buying trips, we’re always on the lookout for antique footstools, taller stools and small benches. Since they were practical and the need was plentiful, there is a wide variety available and for the most part, they are very affordable. They sell very well here in Springfield.

Antique stool and benches come in a variety of types based on their intended usage, though today’s homes, the small ones are often used on a tabletop as a display piece. They may have been painted or left the natural wood color. When considering purchasing one, check for their sturdiness, avoiding ones with loose joints. We believe the English were exceptional craftsmen of these types of antiques. So as we prepare for another buying trip to England, we’ve been looking at our inventory, both past and present.


Bed step stool-Ever slept in a tall antique four-poster bed? If so, you’ll understand the need for bolster from a little stool. Notice the ball and claw feet on this model.


Box stool-For storage. Good as a side table to a chair. Notice the stretchers along the bottom.


 Joint stool-Perfect for so many locations, these have to be our all-time favorites. We’ve got one in our guest bath, holding an arrangement and magazines. Solid construction, usually from oak.


 Long benches-Use along side a table, or in an entryway or in front of a fireplace.


 Milk stool-usually primitive with three legs. May be painted in black. Fairly short.

 Nesting stools-Usually three stools, which fit inside the next larger one. Sometimes on tracks to make sliding out and in easier.


Piano stool-Usually three legs, sometimes wood, i.e. mahogany, or cast iron. Top is adjustable by spinning round. Top can be wood or covered with upholstery.


 Plank stools-Homemade from wood planks. Plainly decorated. Small stepstools.

 Sewing stool-A medium size box stool with hinged lid.


 Tall desk stool-Taller four-legged stools for working at a desk or table.


 Three legged stool-Decorative, usually carved tops. Excellent for filling a nook or giving height to an important object.


 Turned Leg stool-Furniture makers took care creating certain legs.


 Upholstered footstool-An accompaniment to a favorite chair.


 Seating stool-Woved, rattan, stool-This one has barley twist legs. Can often feature bobbin legs. Perfect for sitting near the fire.


Work stool-Utilitarian uses.


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