A Page from Our History

August 12-14 a Major Civil War Reenactment will occur near Springfield

Just west of Springfield, Mo is the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield. To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Wilson’s Creek, the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Foundation will present a maximum-effort Civil War reenactment near the battlefield on August 12-14.




Wilson’s Creek was the first major Civil War battle fought west of the Mississippi River. It was also the site of death of the first Union general killed in combat, Nathaniel Lyon. The Battle of Wilson’s Creek marked the beginning of the Civil War in Missouri. By the end of the war in 1865, Missouri had proved to be one of the most fought over states, ranking third in the number of Civil War battles and skirmishes.

Interesting side note: One of dearest friends, Helen Edwards, grew up near Wilson’s Creek. She always insisted that the National Park got the name wrong. She said it was “Wilson Creek”.

We have an assortment of engravings featuring scenes from the battles and newspaper articles for sale at the gallery. They ranged from $24 to $85. Most are from 1865. Here are some of the prints available.

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