Questions about Our Antique Shop

Because every antique store is unique!

Helen Marie Stockton, 1889-1981

Since adding antiques to our custom framing shop, we’ve noticed that our customers tend to ask the same questions. So we thought we’d put down our answers on the blog because some of you may want to know the same thing.

Antiques are our hobby. We started collecting items when we were young and liked items that fit into our family budget. You are not going to find a priceless piece at our shop, but you will find a something with the “WoW!” factor. We love learning about the history of items and, basically, our shop supports our hobby.

How long have you been here? Usually followed by….I had no idea you were here!

We decided to expand the shop when we became empty nesters. Before, the custom framing shop catered to a familiar clientele. Now that we have doubled the size of the gallery, we’re getting noticed. Thanks for noticing!

You have real antiques.  Who buys these?

We have great customers! It’s true, we are not a flea market or a vintage store. We decided that our niche would be affordable antiques that were 80 to 200 years old. We don’t sell ancient antiquities or junk, just in-between stuff. Sixty percent of our inventory is from England or Europe and the other forty percent is American. The shop is not a museum and we encourage you to touch! 

How do you acquire items for your store?

We prefer to hand pick our inventory as we travel and on our annual trips to the United Kingdom. We don’t go to garage sales and rarely go to estate sales. We do buy some items from online antique auction houses that fit our look. New inventory comes in every week. So stop by and see what’s new.

Can I sell you my “?” Do you want to come by my house and look at what I’ve got?

Depends. We buy items from our customers and friends often send people our way. We’re not going to buy your piano at any cost. Those things are too HEAVY! Call us, bring us a photo, or invite us over. We are not a consignment store. If we buy something from you, we’ll buy it at a dealer wholesale price to resell.

 Can you tell me the value of “?”

We are not antique experts, like you see on the PBS “Antiques Roadshow”. We do have some knowledge and experience that we have accumulated in the 57 years our store has been in business.  If you have an old oil painting that you want to sell, we can use our resources and help you determine a price, but it’s not an appraisal. We’ll tell you what we’d be willing to pay for it. And remember, antique prices fluctuate.

Are you still doing custom framing?

Yes, daily! About half our art inventory is decorative oil paintings and ornate carved frames. And we carry a large inventory of molding, so you can pick out the mat board and frame that will best highlight your art.

Do you buy old oil paintings?

Yes, we love to buy old oil paintings! Okay, truthfully, I love to buy oil paintings, my wife…not so much! But I like to repair oil paintings, so I’m always on the lookout for them.

How is the best way to see everything?

This question cracks us up. People seem to need a roadmap for our shop. Hey, it’s small, just take your time and wander around. See something you like? Pick it up. Touch it. Imagine it in your home.

Look up, look down, look all around. We’re glad you stopped in. We want to talk to you. Ask us questions. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll try to help.

Can’t decide? Gather up the items you are interested in and bring them to the check-out counter. We don’t mind, really.

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