Main Street USA – Route 66

A Lazy Sunday Drive in the Ozarks

One of the local television stations, KY3, produced an interesting documentary on the Mother Road-Route 66. We happened to see the broadcast on Memorial Day weekend and were inspired to hit the road. Apparently, international visitors have been coming to our town, the birthplace of Route 66, for years and we hadn’t a clue!

Historic Byway

 Springfield is known for the home of Bass Pro, Cashew Chicken, and Route 66.   We’ve been to Bass Pro; it’s a great place to get wooly socks for our trips to England. We’ve eaten Cashew Chicken since we were able to chew. Now, we can say we’ve cruised down Route 66.

Route 66 ran from Chicago to Santa Monica, Ca. It was in Springfield, Mo that the highway was named Route 66. Feeling the effects of a little Disney/Pixar film called “Cars”, visitors can travel parts of the old highway, passing by small towns and empty shells of mom and pop businesses that catered to the highway travelers.

Our destination was the town of Halltown, Mo. Once called “the antique capital of the world”, only one antique store remains on Main street. The Whitehall Mercantile is located in the oldest and tallest building in Halltown, built in 1900.

Whitehall Mercantile, Halltown, Mo.


Philip on the porch of the Whitehall Mercantile

 Jerry Hall is the proprietor of the Whitehall Mercantile, which houses the treasures collected by him and his wife, Thelma. We spent some time with Jerry and he entertained us with one of harmonicas.

Mr. Jerry Hall

 His guest registry lists travelers signatures and addresses from Norway, Germany, Japan, etc. Check out his website at

Upstairs at the Whitehall Mercantile

 Back in the car, we drove towards Joplin on Route 66. Here are some of the photos from the old Mother Road.

Bridge on Route 66


Bridge near Spencer

Spencer Mo

Sinclair Station

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