Circus Peanuts Must be Measured Daily


Occasionally, we come across an item that catches our eye and we buy it for the store. We figure if we like it, our customers might like it as well. That was the case with this hefty black scale.

This scale was purchased here in Springfield and we could imagine it on our kitchen counter, weighing out my daily supply of circus peanuts!

Any new item is cause for education, so we hit the web to see what we could find out about the scale. Our search led us to the International Society of Antique Scale Collectors’ (ISASC) website Check it out.

Steelyard Counter Scale for the general weighing of common goods.

This is a steel and brass beam counter scale with a pendulum weight at the end of the scale. With a fish tail base. Black with gold and red striping.  Made by Knudson & Jessen, Troy, NY.

Knudson & Jessen, Troy N.Y.

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