Wondering What to Buy the Soon-to-Be Wed Royals?

 Stop by and visit our shop, which happens to be full of English antiques and art.

Our first trip to the British Isles was in Dec 1980/Jan 1981 and that following summer (July 29, 1981), the Prince of Wales married Lady Diana Spencer in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. We find it hard to believe that 30 years have passed since that fateful trip abroad. And their son, William, is now old enough to be married and our daughter is planning her own nuptials for this fall. Where did the time go?

With a few more trips to Great Britain under our belt, we’ve managed to fill our antique shop with an array of wonderful English items. So, now, in Springfield Missouri, you can find a piece of English history for your own collection to commemorate the upcoming nuptials.

We happily toast the young couple and wish them all the best.

May their lives be as complete as ours have been.

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