Crossing Over the Pond for a Queue of Antique Dealers

We’ve just returned from our third antique buying trip to England. One of this year’s highlights was seeking out our contacts from the last two trips. We’ve met some of the nicest people in the midlands of England and they’ve gone out of their way to help us learn the trade and find us some outstanding items to ship back to the states.

The common ground is a love for fine antiques. We usually find the same dealers in the exact same spot at the fairs each time. They are a dedicated group, bringing their inventories out to the fairs, regardless of the weather conditions. They all remember me as the American that wears the bright yellow Mizzou headband. As we walk around the fairgrounds, dealers we’ve brought from before will approach us to say hi and ask about the America markets. We’ve met some fast-talkers and, as much as we love to hear their accents, they ask that I keep talking too because they like to hear my slow Ozark twang as well.


 Peter is from Bristol and he is an expert in Staffordshire and historical transferware. Peter is a wealth of information.


 Specialist Edward has been a wonderful source for historical transferware. We’re very excited about the pieces we purchased from Edward. Very unique!


Ian is from West Sussex and always has the best paintings. He’s holding one of two we purchased from him this time. From an English artist.


We buy a lot of kitchenlia from this couple from near Bath. They have great items. We loaded up the shopping cart at their tent.


 This guy, from near Rugby, is the friendliest person in the world and has a great eye for wonderful found objects. Theresa brought several items from him, including this top hat.


 A new friend from Derby. We purchased three pieces of furniture from him and his family, including this collector’s cabinet. Beautiful piece in excellent condition.


Not all the dealers are from England. This dealer is from Belgium. She has two shops: one in Escanaffles and one in Brugge. She’s holding one of the two pieces we purchased from her. The other one is gothic coat rack. Perfect!

 The dealers we’ve encountered in England have been some of the most knowledgeable in their field. They live and breathe for the experience of finding a treasure to share. They bring items to sell; they’re not just showing off what they’ve found or exhibiting their personal collections. They approach their trade in a most cordial manner and are trustworthy and reliable. They could be Boy Scouts! Their enthusiasm is contagious.

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