Over the River and Through the Woods and Down the Lane and Past the Sheep

From January 27 until February 8, 2011, we were traveling around the midlands of England in search of obscure treasures. This was our third trip to Europe on an antique buying trip since we made the decision to add an antique showroom to the art gallery. And we had a great time, again.

We traveled with our friends from Texas in a 9 passenger van and filled a large container full of carved furniture and smalls. The container cleared the UK customs  and is already on the water, traveling from England to Houston and our purchases will arrive in Springfield to be revealed on April 2.

From Manchester, on the west side of England to Lincoln on the east side, to the fens near Norwich to the Peaks National Park, we shopped in:

Small shops


Large shops

Wonderful Three Storied Shop

Shops in church buildings

Shop in an Abandoned Church with a great tea room

Show in a hotel ballroom

Pride of Lincoln Show. One of our favorites.


Timbered Attic full of Chairs

Outside Markets

Market Day in Bakewell

Salvage yards

You Never Know What You’ll Find

Tiny shops in very old historic buildings

Across the Street from the Norwich Cathedral

In tents

Every Tent is Different, so you go into each of them.

Medium size fairs

Doncaster Fair

Large fairs

Norwich Fair

Huge fairs

Newark Fair, IACF

To find unique affordable English treasures from the 1800’s

Mall at Holdenwood

And we promised our daughter not to buy too many chairs-like this guy.


Small Car…Too Many Chairs at Arthur Swallow Fair

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  1. yes, too many chairs!!! -Katie

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