Howard Garrison, an Ozarks Regional Artist

Oil Painting by Howard Garrison

Art was created and blossomed on the banks of the Finley River at the Riverside Inn complex.

The historic Riverside Inn was a local treasure to the people of Christian and Greene counties in Missouri. A wonderful restaurant on the scenic Finley River, located just outside Ozark, MO. Many families’ memories are associated with the quaint restaurant perched on the banks of the Finley. The complex was an Ozarks tradition created by the first owner, Howard Garrison.

Howard Garrison opened and operated the dining room and dance hall in 1923. During his free-time, Howard filled the building with a cache of his impressionistic freestyle paintings and wall accents. His signature style was a flowing, organic decorative romantic art. He had a knack for embellishing the interior walls of the restaurant and his talent enhanced the dining experience. His art took the restaurant to a new level of dining experience.

Howard operated the complex for many years but sold the restaurant in 1970. He died in 1974. Due to continued flooding of the Finley river, the Riverside Inn closed on December 12, 2009 and the building was demolished to make way for a park.

Howard Garrison was a known regional artist whose artwork is still in demand. We have one of his original oil paintings for sale at our gallery. It’s a signed 18 x24 canvas with red and pink flowers. Stop by and take a look and remember those hush puppies and fried chicken.


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5 responses to “Howard Garrison, an Ozarks Regional Artist

  1. Bryon Applegate

    I recently inherited a signed Howard Garrison “Cuttin a Caper in the Ozarks” print, along with a couple of other items of his, and am looking for a collector to sell to. Can you help me out?


    Bryon Applegate

    • Howard Garrison is not a well-known national artist, but more a regional artist. There is some limited interest for his art in the Springfield, MO area. If you are in the area, I’d suggest that you bring the items into the gallery and I’ll take a look at them. Without knowing what you have, I can’t be much help. In general, prints’ resale value are extremely limited.

    • Julia Garrison Wood

      If you still have those items, I would be interested

  2. nancy elliott

    I have one-from my grandmother- cutting a caper in the ozarks- I like it!

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