Romancing the Past this Valentine’s Day

 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

If your someone special is a collector, you may want to honor them by selecting an item that compliments their collection. Choosing an antique can help create romance, especially on the 14th day of February.

First: Look at what they collect. Everyone collects something. If they are antique collectors, chances are they like a certain style, look, era, etc.

 Second: Do they lean towards masculine or feminine taste?

Third: When do they use the items that they collect? Do they wear the items, display them or do they use them in their décor?

Fourth: What would complement their collection? A wood bowl can hold a collection. A cream pitcher looks great with French décor. A dish to hold their special rings.

Fifth: Think about presentation. Maybe giving a traditional gift, i.e. candy or flowers, in an antique item. Ask a florist to put flowers in the cream pitcher. Fill the wooden bowl with taffy. Present tickets to her favorite concert in a small antique box.

Sixth: Stop by the store for some inspiration. We encourage browsing.

Seventh: Timing is everything! Don’t wait until the last minute. A gift from the drugstore can get you into trouble.

Good luck! Let us know if we can help.

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