A Holiday Gift Idea for the Book Lover

For someone who values books, we recommend a gorgeous hand-carved antique Black Forest Bookrack. Also known as a bookstand, book slide or folding and expandable bookshelf.

At the antique shop, we have two genuine, original Black Forest bookracks. Both are heirloom quality for the incurable book collector in your family. Each would make a wonderful Christmas gift for the person in your life that treasures classic books. Also, could be used to hold a DVD collection or CD collection. They would be a great desk or reading room decorative piece. Or for your own cookbook collection.

Black Forest bookracks pre-date bookends. They were very popular from about 1880 to 1920s. Most were made in Switzerland and Germany and sold to Victorian tourists visiting the continent. Each bookrack is in excellent condition for its age. All the hinges are original and work perfectly. The ends fold down flat for storage or packing and stand up firm when used. The bookrack expands and each slide glides easily in and out, so that the piece can accommodate a larger library. The base is as nicely carved as the ends.

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