Carpet for the Walls

We are entering the final stages of the remodeling project on the gallery side of the business. Painting was completed this week and this weekend, we recruited family members to help install the wall covering to all four of the gallery walls. Basically, this meant that we carpeted the walls. Clearly, we have never attempted this before, but we were game.

We wanted a wall covering that could withstand the constant changing of frames and artwork. We needed something that would stand up to the many nails, tacks, velcro and corner samples in the custom framing shop. We searched the internet for types of gallery wall coverings and talked to several companies. In the end, we chose an indoor/outdoor carpet from a local firm. It arrived by truck less than one week after placing the order.

The new tile flooring will be installed (professionally!) this coming week. So, we had two days to measure, cut, glue, smooth and trim the carpet and the third day to pop up the old tile. The Thanksgiving Dinner turned into a planning session and a discussion of what we thought needed to happen during the next several days.

The project was a great success. The gallery’s beige wall covering looks great and was fairly easy to install.


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